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Sourcing of Ingredients

Our aloe vera is grown on sustainable, organic farms in Thailand and Taiwan.

Year-round tropical climates are perfect for our plant to flourish!

All of our aloe vera and fruits are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Harvesting Our Ingredients

Farmers hand cut the aloe vera leaves first thing in the morning.

The leaves are brought inside to be soaked, washed, and pasteurized.

All aloe vera is transported to our facility within 24 hours of being harvested.

We use real fruit & vegetable juices!

Our Ingredients from Harvest to Bottle

Leaves are hand filleted to remove the pulp from the outer skin.

Pulp is washed thoroughly and cut into smaller pieces.

Filtered water and other all-natural ingredients are mixed in.

Drinks are bottled using a hot-fill system.

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